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Attestation Services

Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

You may be wondering what Attestation Services in Dubai UAE are all about. You must follow several steps to get your document attestation approved. In addition to a power of attorney, the UAE requires you to present identification cards and a declaration form. Different government authorities and institutions must certify the documents. These agencies are trained to process various documents, and they can handle multiple documents, including birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates.

Why Do you Need Document Attestation Services?

The UAE government and the Embassy of the UAE require attestations of any document a person wishes to use as proof of their identity. The UAE government requires these attestations for various purposes, including passports, driving licenses, birth certificates, diplomas, and more. The UAE Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai can attest a document. For these purposes, a person can contact the attestation service provider directly or use an innovative phone application. The MOSAIC customer happiness center also supports Apple devices.

The UAE is a huge city with a global population. As a result, people worldwide have moved to Dubai for jobs and higher living standards. This has led to many different languages and dialects in the city. While the language barrier is not a significant issue in the UAE, many individuals still require the services of experienced document attests. In addition to facilitating residency requirements, document attestation in Dubai can also facilitate employment and tenancy contract rules.


Another reason why document attestation is necessary is that it ratifies your document’s liability to the authorities. Attesting a document is required for obtaining a UAE visa and can also be used to establish a business or expand it overseas. Document attestation services in Dubai UAE can meet these needs, as they can complete the process for you. There are various types of documents that require Attestation, and each document requires a different process.


If you’re moving between or within Dubai, you’ll require documentation verification for various legal requirements. Attestation in Dubai is complicated and requires expert knowledge, and Attestation requires documentation verification by various states, ministries’ foreign offices, state offices, and the respective document issuers.

You may require documents Attestation from Dubai, UAE for:

Work Permits as well as Family Visa
Extension or Renewal Of Work Permits
Admissions and Scholarships in the UAE
Employment and interview needs in UAE
Corporate registration and incorporation
Legal compliance

The procedure for Attestation of documents is based on the source country. But, it’s a complicated and time-consuming process. At Make My Company, We aim to offer fast attestation services that save you time and money. These are our best document attestation services available in Dubai, UAE.

Update on the Process of Certificate Attestation Why Choose to Make My Company for Certificate Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE? Certification and document attestation services are offered through Make My Company in Dubai.

The UAE is a country with a high number of immigrants, many of whom are looking for work or business ventures. There are strict regulations concerning fraud, so the federal government of the UAE requires the Attestation of all essential papers for UAE entry. Here is a look at how certificate attestation in Dubai UAE works and what it involves. To begin with, the Attestation is a process of declaring the authenticity of a document through a signature of a person who has verified the document. Legalization of a document involves a multiple-level process, and the UAE law requires that personal documents and educational documents are attested by the UAE embassy, consulate, or ministry of foreign affairs.

After the UAE embassy has attested a document, it can be used in other countries. For UAE Embassy/Consulate attestation, the certificate must be a sworn copy signed by the UAE embassy in New Delhi. Attestation services in the UAE are available in many forms, and it is crucial to find a service that suits your needs. A free consultation is public to determine which service best suits your needs.


The agencies that have to verify your documents could differ based on the nation you would like to visit, your country or region that the documents originate from, or the reason for you moving to another country, but the overall procedure is the same. It is essential to realize that there is a specific procedure to be adhered to when having documents certified in Dubai because an agency's stamp will depend on the preceding agency. The procedure you need to follow is in the following order:

  • Affidavit of Notary
  • Home Department attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Ministry of External Affairs Ministry of External Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation (depending on the document's country)
  • Embassy attestation

The entire process of Attestation of certificates in Dubai is lengthy and a bit complicated, mainly dependent on the origin country and the motive for moving to or out of Dubai and vice versa. It's an excellent idea to engage an accredited attestation service in Dubai to accomplish the work more quickly. Make My Company would help you obtain your documents Attestation even if you're not in Dubai or the UAE. There are several countries we offer certificate attestation services, including the following:

  • France
  • Italy
  • India
  • America, the United States of America
  • Canada
  • Russia etc.

We offer you the most professional experience in certificate attestation in Dubai. By choosing our services for document attestation, you can save money and time used up if you visit each authority or agency to get your documents Attestation personally. Our team has many years of experience obtaining various documents attested in Dubai, not just in Dubai but throughout Dubai and the surrounding areas. This means you can be sure that your task will be completed in a shorter time without investing in unnecessary expenses, and your documents will be secure. Make My Company helps you understand the entire process of Attestation for certificates in Dubai and can help you present or retrieve the certificates or documents you require from the various authorities.

Our professionals offer a variety of Attestations in Dubai according to the reason for your move, the location of your documents, and the location you'd like to relocate. You can select one of them. The various services we offer are:

  • An apostille issued by countries who are members of the Hague Convention
  • Consulate and Embassy attestation in Dubai
  • A state-run government and the ministry's attestation and verification services.

Attestation of educational Documents within Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

We offer a wide selection of Attestation for education documents for our valued customers.

PG Degree Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Completing your PG degree and academic certificates should always be your primary goal, particularly if you’ve moved into Dubai as an expatriate. You’ll have to notarize or verify the academic documents for various reasons. It is possible to utilize an authenticated PG Degree for educational and professional use. We offer incredibly rapid services to get your PG degree certificate attestation. Find out more information on the PG degree certificate attestation Services in Dubai, UAE.

Nursing Degree Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Nursing is among the most sought-after professions in Dubai, and you must have your academic degrees and professional certificates attested before applying for many nursing positions in Dubai. We can help you get your Nursing Degree certified to assist you in finding your ideal work in Dubai. Get more information regarding the process of attesting your Nursing degree Services located in Dubai, UAE.

Medical Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is among the most adored cities worldwide for expatriates. It is a great place to work and an enviable living. It is common to come across health problems that require medical certifications. Medical certificates require Attestation by authorities like the Health Department and government institutes. We can assist you in professionally completing the Medical certificate attestation. Find out more information about the medical certificate attestation service here.

Detail Mark Sheets attestation Service located in Dubai, UAE

Many institutes and universities require extensive marks sheets as well as transcripts of grades from students. Employers also are seeking accurate transcripts of academic degrees from prospective job candidates. Let us assist you in understanding the complexity of a clear marking sheet attestation.

Transfer Certificate Attestation in Dubai, UAE

UAE is home to one of the top educational facilities in the Middle East. Students from all over the world apply for admission to different programs. Many institutions require transfer certification from your former educational institute, and we can assist you in getting the transfer certificate certified in Dubai. 

Engineering Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Engineering and professional qualifications are highly sought-after in Dubai. You must back your professional credentials by proving them with professional documents. We can have your engineering certification attested to in Dubai with our professional expertise.

Dentist Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Dentist certificates are formal certifications for your career in the field of dentistry. When you start your first job or operate a private practice, there is a good chance you will encounter the requirement for a dentist certificate attestation. Let us assist you in navigating the complex procedure to get a Dentist Certificate attestation in Dubai.

MBBS Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

It is important to note that the MBBS Certificate is an important achievement in the medical field. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to pursue medical schooling or begin the practice of medicine, and it is essential that you have the certificate attested. We can assist you by providing our expertise and experience to help you achieve an exceptional profession. Learn more about MBBS Certificate attestation services.

Attestation for Personal Documents Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

We can assist you with your notarization and document attestation services also. We have a group of experts with vast experience in personal document attestation services from different government institutions. The top confidential document attestation options are discussed below.

Divorce Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

When you reside in Dubai, You may have to have your divorce certificate certified. In the possibility of divorce, the divorce certificate that the marriage court issued is required to be certified to be used in the future. We can assist you with getting the divorce certificate certified and notarized. Get more information on the process for the Attestation of divorce certificates in Abu Dhabi, UAE, here.

Good Conduct Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

If you’re establishing an entirely new company, beginning an employment opportunity, or seeking a business visa or visa, you might require a good conduct certification issued by your municipal police. It serves as a record of your clean record and legal history. We can help you quickly obtain the certificate of good conduct certified by your city’s police department. Check for more information on our Good Conduct Certificate attestation services.

Birth Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Birth certificates are crucial documents for your baby’s birth to be legal in Dubai. Birth certificates are required to fulfill various requirements, such as passports, IDs, travel, and visa issues. We can assist you in getting birth certificates certified by our expert services. Find more information on this service here.

Marriage Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

You might need to show your marriage certificates to several government agencies for family visas. It is also possible to require the marriage certificate from the employer’s health insurance company and other institutions. An attested marriage certificate will meet your legal requirements in all places. Let us assist you with the procedure for the Attestation of your marriage certificate. Learn more about the entire procedure of Attestation here.

Death Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

If you encounter an unpleasant incident involving a deceased individual from one of your beloved relatives, you’ll have to obtain the death certificate attestation by various departments. The death certificate’s Attestation is essential if you want to return their remains or those of beloved family members to their home country. Let us assist you during your tough times by providing the most professional and friendly services. Learn more about our death Certificate attestation service in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Attestation of Legal/Business Documents for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

We have a group of experts to assist you with the process of Attestation for legal and business documents. There may be a need for business and legal documents submitted to public authorities or private institutions. These are our most popular attestation options in the legal/business documents section.

Affidavit of Powers-of-Attorney Services Dubai, UAE

An attorney’s letter is a crucial legal document. It serves as the basis for legal procedures in various situations. It could be required in multiple ways, such as public presentations to government institutions, courts, and private agencies. We will guide you through the formal process of Attestation for a power of attorney in Dubai.

Experience Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a growing economy, and you’ll likely receive new job opportunities. It is possible to find a perfect job, or maybe you’ve recently moved to Dubai. Whatever the case, you’ll have to have the certification of your experience in Dubai. We will assist you with the Attestation of your experience certificate in Dubai. Get more information on the complete procedure here.

Chamber of Commerce Certificate Attestation in Dubai, UAE

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industries is the primary regulator for businesses operating in the UAE. You might need an Attestation for the Chamber of Commerce and Industries certificate. We will guide you through the procedure of Attestation of any business or documents for companies, including The Chamber of Commerce and Industries Attestation.

Company Documents Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

The documents of your company, like the articles of association and memorandum association, constitute the legitimate certificate of your company. These documents are issued by government agencies like the Ministry of Economy and the Chamber of Commerce. However, you frequently encounter the need for the Attestation of documents from companies to satisfy various requirements. We can assist you with this process to focus on your business’s core activities.

Make My Company Deal with various documents Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

We handle documents of different types, which is why various documents Make My Company can assist you to have certified in Dubai are listed below in greater detail.

As a resident of the UAE, individuals must obtain their documents and certifications with the designated authority. The document attestation process in Dubai assists a person in securing residency or certain facilities like job conditions, employment conditions, tenancy contract regulations, etc.


Personal Documents This is a set of certificates or documents which contain vital yet fundamental information about you

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Adoption certificate
  • Passport/ Driving License
  • Certificate of Non-Implementation, etc.

Going to another country for education has some steps every student must take. The essential step is to have all documents authenticated according to the specific country’s regulations. Being proactive with the procedure for Attestation of certificates for Dubai is the most important thing for making the procedure of Attestation of certificates effortless.


Education Documents The documents give details about your academic background

  • Degree/ Diploma certificates
  • High School certificate
  • Equivalency certificate etc.
  • Commercial Documents
  • Family Visa services
  • Police Clearance certification
  • Documents of the company, Attestation, etc.


As Make My Company is an expert service provider when it provides certificate attestation services and can assure you of the confidentiality of your documents, minimal charges, faster attestation times, and overall excellent service. Unsurprisingly, choosing our services if you require your documents certified in Dubai will be the most beneficial choice for you.


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