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Tax Agent (Consultant) Services

Tax Agent (Consultant) Services in Dubai

Hiring a tax agent is an excellent way to take care of all your taxes. The UAE has been a significant center for tax services for decades, but the introduction of VAT has increased the demand for tax agents. Tax agents offer legal and financial support to businesses in the country. They help with VAT registration, VAT planning, and regular compliance. They also provide updates on regulatory changes and guide how to comply with regulations. In addition to the legal benefits of hiring a tax agent, there are many other advantages.

If you are planning to hire a tax agent, it’s essential to know the qualifications and requirements of a qualified professional. These are required to be physically and medically fit and must also have professional indemnity insurance. After you meet these requirements, you can apply to be a tax agent. Once approved, the FTA may request additional documents. You should expect a decision within 15 working days. A tax agent with an accredited qualification will provide you with the best service in Dubai.

VAT in the UAE has created many new challenges for companies. While the new tax laws have simplified the tax registration process, many businesses still struggle with the regulations. If you are planning to establish a company in Dubai, a tax agent will be an invaluable asset. They will be able to provide the guidance and advice you need to be compliant with the new tax laws. And, if you have questions about VAT, a tax agent can answer them.

Hiring a tax agent is not compulsory, but it’s a good idea. Tax agents are well-trained and understand the intricacies of taxation. Make My Company ensures that their tax agents are up to date and educated to advise you on any changes in the law. And with the help of their knowledge of the tax laws, you’ll be well-prepared to handle any future issues.

Who is a Tax Agent in Dubai UAE?

As a resident or business in the UAE, you must pay taxes to the government. The revenue from taxes is used to improve the country. To comply with UAE tax laws, taxable persons may appoint a registered agent to help them understand the tax system. Although you are still responsible for following the law, hiring a tax agent is beneficial. Here is a closer look at the role of a tax agent in the UAE.

A tax agent in the UAE is an individual registered with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Their role is to represent a taxable person in front of the FTA on behalf of the latter. As a business owner in the UAE, you should appoint a tax agent to represent your business before the FTA. Having a tax agent on your side can help ensure that your company fully complies with all tax laws.


Tax agents must have all the necessary qualifications and licensing to operate in the UAE. A tax agent must be medically and physically fit and have professional indemnity insurance to be registered. Anyone who meets these requirements can apply for registration with the FTA. If approved, a decision will be issued in 15 working days. If you want to work with a tax agent in Dubai, you must know the legal requirements.


A tax agent will assist you with VAT registration and other taxes in the UAE, and they will help you with the VAT process and prepare any necessary documents during the audit. In addition to representing you in front of the FTA, a tax agent can act as a mediator between you and the FTA, and this can make the entire process run smoothly. So, before hiring a tax agent, ensure the company you are hiring is licensed and regulated by the FTA.


A tax agent in Dubai works as an advocate of a tax-registered person before the FTA. Their role is to keep the business running smoothly while following the rules and regulations of the FTA. This requires that tax agents be certified by the FTA, have a clean criminal history, and be physically fit. The FTA has set the standards for tax agents, and becoming one is complicated.

Guidelines on Hiring Tax Agents in Dubai UAE

It is well-known that hiring a tax accountant to work in Dubai is not a requirement. However, it can be beneficial to your company. Here are a few ways it could help you and your company:

It is time-saving and also money
assists in the calculation of taxes and filing tax returns.
assists with the tax-related registration process in Dubai, UAE (especially concerning VAT)
I can advise you regarding issues not only related to taxes but finance all around.
Present yourself before the FTA etc.

VAT was introduced in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2018. It affects the financial situation of residents of the country and has opened up opportunities for both Tax Agents and Tax Accounting Software vendors. 

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has opened registration for both tax agents and software vendors and issued guidelines for both. To help taxpayers in making the right choice, here are some guidelines for tax agents and software vendors:

A tax consultancy firm is a registered professional who offers top-notch taxation services. They can handle complicated tax matters and provide extensive information about their work. An FTA (Free Trade Agreement)-approved individual will be in direct contact with tax authorities and can mend any mistakes that may occur during the process. They can also find loopholes in the tax laws and help business owners save time and money.

A good Tax Agent in the UAE can assist you with all your VAT registration and compliance. He will be able to assist you in maintaining all your records and documents to ensure VAT compliance. He will also represent you in front of the FTA if required. Choosing the right tax agent is crucial in the UAE. If you are hiring a Tax Agent in the UAE, check that they are registered with the Federal Tax Authority.

An accountant with experience in UAE taxation can help you get a better job. An accountant with UAE experience can move into tax consulting or become a full-fledged tax practitioner. Moreover, an agent specializing in company law may have plenty of opportunities. Companies that have backup offices in India would appoint two newly-appointed candidates to these offices. Furthermore, as the digitization of companies continues, employment opportunities in the UAE will also increase.

Filing taxes is a complex process. Massive calculations are involved in this. In addition, tax filing rules have changed over time. A professional tax consultant will know the intricacies of tax laws and regulations, helping you avoid major mistakes. In addition to the tax filing process, the professional tax consultant can help you find and maximize tax deductions and strategic investments. As a result, a good tax consultant can help you free up valuable time.

Why Choose to Make My Company for Tax Agent Services in Dubai, UAE? Updating to Tax Agent Services in Dubai, UAE Offered by Make My Company 2022 Who is a Tax Agent?

Although hiring a professional tax service in Dubai isn't a must, it's always beneficial for your business since they know everything there is to know about taxation and related changes. Make My Company ensures that our tax experts are aware and knowledgeable about the laws in force and stay on top of any changes in the legal requirements of a business. They can assist you in knowing what you must do regarding the same, as well as how to plan and tax calculations and the process for documentation and filing tax returns within Dubai, UAE, while making sure you comply with the regulations and rules of the government sets. This can save you time and allow you to concentrate on other aspects of the business. Additionally, you wouldn't have to think about dealing with government officials; we will handle that for you.

At Make My Company, we guarantee that our tax professionals in Dubai are aware of the various laws related to taxation in Dubai and will thus be in a position to assist you with your tax obligations. We will present you to officials from the tax department or government agencies with a keen eye on your company's activities and activities. The following are the services provided by Make My Company Services in Dubai, UAE. These include:


  • Helping with the preparation and filing of VAT returns to Dubai, UAE
  • Contact With FTA in Dubai regarding tax-related issues
  • Record keeping related to tax-related transactions within Dubai, UAE
  • VAT registration, as in VAT group registration as well as VAT registration
  • Serve as a representative in front of FTA when an inquiry or clarification is required.
  • Answer to FTA on behalf of you in the case of a Tax Audit or Assessment
  • The document preparation process for FTA during tax audits or assessment
  • aiding in the submission of a reconsideration request regarding FTA decisions
  • The method of de-registering on your behalf if it is necessary

Tax agents are a vital part of any business. They are responsible for handling all tax-related issues for a company so that the owner can focus on other essential duties. According to the Federal Law No. (7) of 2017, the appointment of a tax agent is required to represent the taxable person before the Federal Tax Authority. They have the requisite knowledge and expertise to calculate taxes and file them on time. Here's a closer look at the responsibilities of a tax agent.

The FTA regulates the profession of tax agents in the UAE. As such, they have strict requirements for tax agents. First of all, they must be physically and medically fit. Secondly, they must possess professional indemnity insurance. Besides these, they must have good communication skills in English and Arabic. Finally, they must have passed the FTA's Tax Agent exam. As such, if you're planning to hire a tax agent in Dubai, check out these qualifications before making any decisions.

When it comes to tax planning, an effective tax agent will be invaluable in this regard. Having an agent to represent you in front of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) can help you avoid penalties if you're not compliant. A tax agent is also an excellent mentor. Using effective tax planning and compliance, a tax agent can significantly contribute to your business's success. In addition, a good tax agent can save you much time, effort, and money.

A tax agent in Dubai has the authority to represent the taxable person before the FTA. This agent will ensure that all business functions comply with FTA rules. For example, a tax agent can help you comply with the VAT regulations if you're a business owner. SAB Auditing is one of the UAE's FTA-approved tax agents. They handle all tax affairs, including filing taxes on behalf of a company.

A tax agent is a registered person with the FTA who represents taxable persons before the FTA. Their role is to help their clients meet their tax obligations. A tax agent is not required by law, but they are there to save taxable persons time and effort. These agents perform various duties that depend on the contractual agreement between the taxable person and the FTA. If you have a business in Dubai, hiring a registered tax agent is imperative to help you comply with the regulations.


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